Laparoscope Surgery Set
Laparoscope Surgery Setis known for performing specific functioning associated with performing surgery inside the abdomen. Instruments provided in this category named this set is said to be one of the oldest instruments that are used by the medical practitioners. This set is very effective and widely used.
ENT Sinoscope and Laryngoscope
ENT Sinoscope and Laryngoscopeare known for hassle free operations. They widely find their applications in health and medical industry. At highly economical price ranges these optimum grades of medical devices can be availed by our prime customers as per their requirements.
Anaesthesia Equipments
Anaesthesia Equipment comprises of different machines, varying from ventilator, machine to work station. These devices are being used for providing a measured and continuous supply of effective gases, mixed along with the desired concentration of anaesthetic vapor to the patient.
Refurbished Olympus Video Endoscope
Refurbished Olympus Video Endoscope allows the doctors to evaluate the different interior surfaces of the body organ by inserting the tiny tube inside the body. This high-grade device is used for obtaining a view inside the body without making any large incision. This is easy to use and can be availed under cost effective rates.
Gyaenocolgy Hysteroscope and Morcellator Set
Gynaecology Hysteroscope and Morcellator Set is used in the diagnosis and therapy of disorder associated with the intrauterine. These instruments find their applications in hospitals and health care industry. Different techniques are being used for operating patients. This set is very cost effective and can be availed at cheaper rates.
Vital Signs Monitoring
Vital Signs Monitoringacts as an equipment which measures and displays a patient's vital signs in inpatient and outpatient conditions.This monitor is said to be a kind of an efficient method in order to collect the accurate readings while evaluating the health of the patient.
Arthroscopic and Orthopedic Power Equipments
Arthroscopic and Orthopaedic Power Equipment is highly portable and can be easily used to operate patients. This equipment is available in different sizes, types and specifications. Some of these devices are used for drilling and cutting finely. At highly cost-effective rates these instruments and devices can be availed by our esteemed customers.
Cystoscope Resectoscope Ureteroreno Set
Cystoscope Resectoscope Ureteroreno Setis used for looking inside the ureters and kidneys in order to treat different kind of health-related problems. This set is portable and light in weight and is available in rigid and flexible tube. This set is highly appreciated due to its unique features like high quality, durability, and easy operation.
Refurbished ICU Ventilator
Refurbished ICU Ventilatoris only seen in ICUs and known for having the multi-level filtration. Offered ventilator provided is of different types and different specifications that follow the easy installation process. This can be easily obtained under the highly cost-effective market rates.
ECG Machine
ECG Machine offered is used for measuring the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat along with providing the indirect evidence of blood flow to the heart muscle. This type of machine has sensors that are attached to the skin for detecting the electrical signals producing by the heart whenever it beats.
Video Endoscope System
Video Endoscope System provided, comprises of a light and a camera for viewing your oesophagus, stomach and outer area of small intestine. The images of your inside body parts can be clearly viewed over a video monitor installed in the examination room. This system has a facility of recording the video too, for further examination.
Bronchoscope Flexible and Rigid
Bronchoscope Flexible and Rigid acts as an equipment which is used to look inside the lungs as well as air passages by using a camera which helps to diagnose and treat airway disease. This equipment is very cost effective and can be easily availed by our eminent clients.
Volumetric n Syringe Infusion Pumps
Volumetric n Syringe Infusion Pumps are those medical devices which are used for delivering a specific amount of fluids at the required rates. These pumps are also used to control the flow of intravascular drugs, fluids, whole blood, and blood products to patients.
Refurbished Stryker n Storz Laparoscope
Refurbished Stryker n Storz Laparoscope is manufactured using premium grade of components and best technology under the supervision of our workers. This creates improved colour rendering, center to edge resolution, depth of focus and less image distortion resulting in optimal image quality.

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